Our vision

Healthcare should be simple, convenient and affordable.

Essential Telemed is a 24/7 online clinic that reinvents the diagnosis and treatment experience. We schedule directly with board-certified nurse practitioners 24/7/365 through the convenience of phone or video visits. By blending proven clinic practices with a refreshingly simple online platform, Essential Telemed is saving consumers time and money. It’s healthcare when and wherever you want it!

Our promise

Four dimensional focus




Make it


Be safe and


Save time and


Our Providers

Board-certified nurse practitioners at the heart of every visit.

Essential Telemed’s board certified nurse practitioners make each diagnosis and complete the treatment plans for our customers. By using nurse practitioners, Essential Telemed enhances both the experience and the affordability of the service.



Chronic Conditions

Hashimoto’s, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, Allergy & Asthma, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Metabolic Syndrome, Stress Management

Labs & Screenings

Abdominal pain, Anemia, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Chronic disease, Depression, Diabetes, Erectile Dysfunction, Fatigue, Fertility, Thyroid disease, Vitamin deficiencies, Gut Bacteria, Hormones

Urgent Care

Allergies, Bronchitis and Pneumonia, Colds, Coughs, Congestion, Headache/Migraine, Influenza, Rashes and Skin Conditions, Sinus Infections, Sports Injuries, Sprains and Bruises, Urinary Tract Infections

Preventative Medicine

Smoking Cessation, Metabolic Syndrome, Mood Disorder Screening, Weight Loss Counseling

Women’s Health

Family planning, Preconception counseling, Menopause, PMS, Sexual Dysfunction, Urinary Tract Infections, Vaginal and Yeast Infections, Prenatal Counseling

Men’s Health

Acne, Hair Loss, Prostate Cancer Risk Counseling, Sexual Dysfunction


A culture of good

We’re looking for people who are compassionate, creative, flexible, articulate and self-motivated at the cellular level to do something good.


Mail: EssentialTelemed@gmail.com

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