In general, when sickness finds you, there’s a good chance you say, “I need to see a doctor.” But more and more people are saying, “I need to see a nurse practitioner.” Here are 7 things you should know about the growing nurse practitioner profession.

  1. Nurse practitioners diagnose, treat and prescribe medications. This profession offers a distinct, holistic approach that considers the whole person: physical, psychological and spiritual.
  2. Nurse practitioners earn both a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Nursing. Their education provides theoretical and evidence-based clinical knowledge experiences. They must demonstrate complete competency to receive their board certifications. All Essential Telemed’s nurse practitioners have achieved U.S. national board certification.
  3. Our nurse practitioners collaborate with primary care doctors, specialists, pharmacists, lab experts, data scientists and researchers to apply leading evidence to everyday practice.
  4. Nurse practitioners at Essential Telemed can:
    • a. Diagnose and treat common illnesses
    • b. Prescribe medications
    • c. Obtain medical histories
    • d. Perform assessments
    • e. Screen and refer patients to specialists and other healthcare providers
    • f. Counsel and teach about health and nutrition
  5. Among our team there are nearly 300 collective years of clinical experience. Our provider expertise spans across general practice, family medicine, dermatology, women’s health, geriatrics and pediatrics.
  6. Our nurse practitioners bring distinctive compassion and commitment to Essential Telemed through their knowledge of clinical evidence and best practice, holistic medicine, prevention, wellness and education.
  7. They are natural educators, investing the time to teach our customers about overall health, risks, lifestyle influencers and preventive steps, all in the simplest way possible.