Essential TeleMed is innovating healthcare with Direct Access Primary Care.

What does that mean? Just $59 per visit.

No memberships.

No copays.

No deductibles.

No insurance.

Just fair pricing.


Schedule a video visit

≋Start your visit any time with any device

≋No insurance required

≋No hidden cost

Talk to a licensed nurse practitioner

≋Within minutes, a provider reviews your medical history and contacts you via phone and video

≋No Login or Password needed

Pick up prescription

≋You’ll get a customized treatment plan, plus

≋Prescriptions sent to your preferred pharmacy.

***Your credit card will be charged after your video visit. Video visits can be as low as $0 per visit with insurance. Please call us at 407-319-4506 if you wish to confirm pricing prior to requesting a visit. ***

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Our board-certified nurse practitioners can determine a diagnosis, treatment plan, and if medically necessary, send a prescription to your preferred pharmacy wherever you are in the state of Florida. Immediate appointments available!

How do you handle bloodwork, imaging and labs?

Just like a traditional primary care practice. We will send you to Quest ,LabCorp , or any other convenient local facility.

Lab Tests

Lab Tests & Drop-Offs

X-Ray, CT Scan, & MRI

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This is my third time using Essential Telemed for my therapy session. I’ve been having a skin issue with my hands for the past couple weeks and it got to the point where I was very uncomfortable. I knew I had virtual visits through my insurance so while on lunch …

Jessica M.                               1 hour ago

My test came back negative! Thank you for helping me get scheduled and for refilling my prescription!

Mable T.                               1 hour ago

I wasn’t feeling up to leaving home and wanted to avoid the high cost of the Urgent Care and ER. Essential Telemed took care of my COVID-19 symptoms and prescription within 15 minutes!

Susan D.                               3 hours ago

My doctor wasn’t available and it was after hours, the weekend, and a holiday. Essential Telemed’s nurse practitioner refilled my prescription the same day and addressed my
COVID-19 concerns. Thank You!

Alejandro R.                         7 hours ago

It is very difficult to get into a doctor’s office during this crisis. Essential Telemed also helped me not take time off work and be away from home. The nurse practitioner
is thorough and I didn’t feel rushed. I will be a returning customer!

Anastacio O.                       13 hours ago

Made an appointment at 2 am and was connected to a knowledgeable nurse practioner at 8 am! It’s healthcare whenever and wherever you want it!

John B.                                15 hours ago

The service is MUCH cheaper than going into my primary care’s office! Also, I like not having anxiety about a hidden cost bill arriving in the mail from my insurance despite paying my copay!

Julia H.                                27 hours ago

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